I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: remixing a classic, highly regarded song that takes the music world by storm is never an easy task. Inherent expectations about its quality and stylistic direction are never absent, with remixers having to grapple with the jarring comparisons to the original song. When attempting to flip such iconic songs, a very fine line must be found between the original’s appeal and identity and the new influences and pieces added in.

Several months ago, Australian producer william. was able to succeed in such endeavors via an absolutely jaw-dropping remake of Flume’s own “Wall Fuck,” off of his latest Skin LP. Using darker and more atmospheric elements, the twist on the original comes as a highly refreshing and deadly reimagining of the song’s most critical components. The percussion, bass and leading melodies are created with severe expertise, and his own take on the more replaceable sections are welcomed and effective.

The result of his brilliant sound design and bold remix approach is a truly stunning and beautiful work. Listen below, and compare it to the original track further down.