REZZ has steadily been climbing the ranks of electronic dance, and backed by mau5trap’s stamp of approval and an ever-growing base of dedicated fans, the bass queen’s meteoric rise is only just beginning.

Mixmag recently caught up with REZZ to get an idea of what she thinks about the dance world embracing her sound and hear her thoughts on where she’s going next. We’ve rounded up some of the highlights, but be sure to check out the full interview here, and listen her featured mix for an hour of all things hypnotic and exhilarating. You can also check out the full tracklist below as well.

For one, REZZ is unapologetically real, and everything from her music to the dizzying trademark eye-wear is of her own vision, proudly stating that she’s never once gotten help creating a track. Neither did she receive help creating her goggles, which were entirely her idea – not by management or a label. She’s proud of that.

And of course, being a young woman in the music industry comes with its own set of difficulties, but REZZ chooses to focus on the benefits provided by being in the minority, and also just being young.

“The plus side of being 21 is that it’s young, but you’re still old to other people. If you’re my age, there’s a lot of 16 or 17 year olds that look at you like you’re an icon. A lot of young people are attracted to dance music, and to them, 21 is older and cool.”

But regarding her captivating approach to production and arrangements, REZZ aims to hit fans with stripped-down tracks that stand out from their simplicity and raw power. Like many people, she was inspired by Porter Robinson’s “happy, ‘anime-inspired’ music” and the clear dichotomy between that and his darker, crazier edits. Rezz was most impressed with just the simplicity, and how a kick, snare and bass could make a crowd “go absolutely insane.”

It’s also readily apparent that REZZ has a better understanding than most regarding what it takes to “succeed” in music, and the general steps required to become a household name.

“I feel like the next five years of my career are going to be hectic. I’ve done a lot of analyzing of artists that I look up to and their careers. A lot of them have toured extremely heavily and pushed their brand for the first five years. After that five years, if you’ve done it successfully, you then become a household name. Then you can focus on production and you don’t tour as often.”

Don’t wait to swoop up REZZ’ new EP Something Wrong Here via iTunes.


H/T Mixmag | Photo by Rukes


Rezz x Raito – ‘Alien’
Rezz x ? – ID
Gesaffelstein – ‘Pursuit’
Stranger Things Theme Song (Sheol Remix)
Gesaffelstein – ‘Destinations’
Rezz – ‘Purple Gusher’
Mr FijiWiji & AGNO3 – ‘Pure Sunlight’ (feat. Laura Brehm)
Metric – ‘On a Slow Night’ (Rezz Revision)
Rezz – ‘Lost’ (Instrumental)
Rezz & Laura Brehm – ‘Melancholy’
Doctor Jeep – ‘Dissociate’
Rezz – ID
Rezz – ‘Cryptic’
Rezz – ID
Rezz – ID
Gesaffelstein – ‘Hate or Glory’
Rezz – ID
Rezz – ‘Paranoid’
Rezz – ‘Voice in the Wall’