The name of this track really says it all. This duo “Killdit“. Both Yuneer Gainz and Dimebag are impressive on their own, but together, they are a killer combo as you will find out listening to this track. Gainz has made his name by going on tour alongside Jay-Z and going on his own tour in Europe for five years. To top that off, he’s had the opportunity to work alongside some of the industries leading producers in the best studios of New York. With this knowledge and expertise, he picked one of the best up and coming producers; the 17 year old prodigy, Dimebag. The young future bass/trap producer has already seen a lot of success with his originals and viral remixes, and this collaboration with Gainz is sure to take them each to the next level.

Using very unique synth sounds to introduce the track, Dimebag sets an ominous mood with the melody. Gainz comes in with a sung verse with a voice that beckons you to lose yourself in the music. The drop comes in with Quix styled, screaming synth put over massive subs. Dimebag breaks up the drop with perfectly timed and arranged percussive elements maintaining the listener’s interest. Gainz comes back in, singing the next infectious verse. This duo will have you singing and dancing with this new tune. I hope these two work together more in the future. Check out the track below: