Soundcloud has just added a brand new feature to its arsenal of listening tools, coming as one of the only updates to the popular streaming site in recent times that hasn’t brought with it a load of controversy.

By checking the right-hand column on the Soundcloud home page, users will now see a section called Listening history near the bottom. While on the home page, the previous three songs that were listened to will show up for quick access.


On the History tab itself, a complete list of the user’s listening history can be found neatly organized below a list of six sources that we believe are ones that the user listened to more than the others. An option is given to irreversibly clear one’s listening history, as well. The History tab, so far, is only available on browser.


We’re glad that Soundcloud decided to address a common request by its users and add the listening history feature. It seems like every day that a song we play is passed on too quickly and forgotten. With the new History feature, it’ll that much easier to locate and discover the tracks that we may have overlooked.