Groove Cruise is nearly upon us! We’re so excited to once again be sailing and we want to give cruisers some tips on how to have the best time – or rather, Goldfish wants to give you some tips.

We did something like this with Dada Life in January for the Miami sailing as well, perhaps you can take advice from them both!

Festival Cruise Tips from Goldfish

1. Number one rule of any festival…Be cool. Kill with kindness and the whole experience goes next level for everyone. And please don’t do anything stupid! You know what we’re talking about

2. Milk thistle – we swear by this stuff and you should too. It’s a supplement that helps your body deal with all those tequila Red Bulls and festival food you’re gonna throw at it. Your liver will bounce back quick sticks. Lots of water too, not just the morning after.

3. Take a pair of sunnies you don’t mind losing or breaking…Leave the new Tom Ford’s at home fam.

4. This stuff isn’t rocket science. No one wants to look like Lobsterboy on day two. Slap on the sunscreen, plus maybe a cap so you don’t get fried. And while we’re on the subject of protection, good earplugs are a MUST.… We are going to be a generation with dorky hearing aids in our 40’s and 50’s if we don’t use them. Also, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, so remember to bring your favourite peppermint flavoured glow in the dark birth control if you’re planning on getting lucky.

5. Don’t just go for the headline acts. Do some homework into some of the artists that you DON’T know anything about. We’ve lost count how many times they end up being the highlight of a festival for us.

6. This can never be said enough…Put your phone away on the dance floor. You don’t need to film EVERYTHING 🙂 Be there in the moment and you’ll be amazed where music can take you.

If you want to see Goldfish Live elsewhere, follow the link here, and check out their newest mix below.