For real this time, guys. Axwell ^ Ingrosso played one hell of a set at Amsterdam Dance Event, including letting loose two new IDs, one of which we considered to be exceptionally close to their old SHM style. Now, an allegedly since-deleted tweet from Axwell has poured fuel on the fire for a conceptual reunion in 2017.


There are two components to consider in this tweet: 1) the text, and 2) the image.

As for the text, “countdown to the new era” has a lot of connotations. Coupled with the date in the image, we can assume that countdown to end on March 26 of next year – matching Sunday of Ultra Music Festival. “New era” is also important, as it implies starting over and beginning something anew.

The image is a sort of play on their current logo, except with an extra ‘A’. Many people speculate that this “new era” could actually be Axwell, Ingrosso and Alesso, who’s been closely associated with the group since its inception. And now that Axwell and Ingrosso are working with their ex-manager Amy Thompson once again, who¬†also works with Alesso, that speculation is seeming more and more likely. Not to mention this Instagram post from two days ago.

Bringing out @alesso … @ingrosso @axwell

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As always, we include the disclaimer that this is speculation. However, with the evidence – like the Proximity alert and this damning interview with Axwell – piling up for a 2017 resurgence of a “new” Swedish House Mafia, we’re literally shaking with anticipation.


Image via Rukes