Groove Cruise will slip out of Miami into the deep blue waters and secluded coves of the Caribbean next January with arguably its biggest and best musical crew yet. Its phase one line-up alone is stacked full of emerging stars and icons from across the dance spectrum, with many more surprises and heavy hitters to come.

Groove Cruise Miami will charter a brand new boat in 2017, the Carnival Victory, for 96 hours of sunrises, sunsets, beach parties, headphone disco, and on-board dress ups for six different themed parties. It’s a floating experience like no other, transporting the ever expanding GCFam from downtown Miami for GC’s maiden voyage to the beautiful white sands and blue seas of Grand Turk.

Whether its peak time moments in the main theater, intimate afterhour sunrises or the myriad of impromptu pop-ups involving some of electronic music’s biggest stars, Groove Cruise is the original and best for high-seas high-jinks.

See the Phase 1 lineup below.