The Chainsmokers encountered some controversy a little while ago over their hit track “Closer.” It was discovered that it bore a striking resemblance to The Fray’s hit “Over My Head (Cable Car).” The Fray’s Isaac Slade and Joe King were subsequently added to the credits of the track.

In a recent interview with ABC Radio, Joe gave some more information behind the decision.

“Basically, they reached out to us and realized that they used, or reinterpreted, the song a bit, and they wanted to just work it out before the song came out,” Joe tells ABC Radio. “So…there was no friction or tension. And [I] totally get it, it happens a lot, and unintentionally…So it’s all good.”

We’re glad that they were able to work it out and that it didn’t end up being a whole ordeal. Listen to both tracks below.


Image via Frank Apollonio