Halloween is just around the corner.

While EDM loves its holidays, there’s maybe nothing that speaks to the raver like Halloween. Not only is dressing up encouraged at raves and festivals, but on this weekend, it’s encouraged for the entire country! There’s never a better time to go above and beyond with decorations and costumes.

There are also a lot of great things that happen around Halloween time besides festivals: Halloween-themed music. The spooky and dark nature of Halloween lends itself well to bass music which makes use of growls and heavy bass, so it’s no surprise we see mixes from RL Grime and Snails come out around this time. In this case, we’re happy to showcase a new remix of the legendary “Ghosts N Stuff” by deadmau5 from Xan Griffin.

Completely re-imagining the track, Xan gives the original a healthy dose of spooky synths and raging growls and bass. Though there’s little of “Ghosts N Stuff” left aside from the melody in the intro, we absolutely love this remix. Listen below:


Image via Rukes