In the spirit of Halloween, Facebook has just added custom holiday-themed Reactions and Facebook Live video filters for a limited time. From today until Halloween, users will be able to access the brand new collection of reaction emojis on any status or post, including a Haha witch, Wow ghost, Sad Frankenstein and Angry jack-o-lantern.

This temporary update comes as Facebook’s second line of themed emojis, the only other time being during the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If the trend continues, users will likely be able to expect end-of-year holiday reworks and more.

In addition to emojis, Facebook has also added Snapchat-esque video filters for its live streaming function. Starting in the next few days, iOS users in the US, UK and New Zealand will able to transform themselves into foxes, witches, skeletons and much more. The company said that it will soon be adding the update for Android users as well as other countries.


Source: Venture Beat