We’ve seen it before, and sadly we’ll probably see it again, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

Sneaking into a festival, or rushing the gates is not only a slap in the face for the event organizers, but it creates a very real situation where people can be seriously harmed in the chaos. Not to mention it discredits electronic dance music as a whole in the eyes of both the venue and nearby community, putting on a terrible example for what the entire genre is about.

Despite what you may think, organizers need that money to pay off the shows operating costs, venue, artists, etc. By sneaking in, you’re denying them revenue that’s required to run the business that’s been put on for your enjoyment. Oh, and the ill-will garnered from incidents like these may be enough to mar the organizer’s relationship with officials and venues entirely, which will result in the event not returning.

Organizers work their damnedest to put on the best show possible for fans, and few are more dedicated this mission than Insomniac. Electronic dance music as a culture is already under fire for how its community is perceived by the mainstream, and the future of EDM’s gatherings are already continuously questioned by venues and county officials alike.

To any involved in this particular instance: this is what you want those decision makers to see?

Maybe you already payed for your ticket, and you just don’t want to wait in line. Maybe it sold out before you could secure your own pass. Perhaps you just don’t care and want to save some money. Whatever it is, know that in the end it hurts us all, and there are zero benefits that outweigh the damage you’ve done.


H/T EDM Maniac | Photo via Alex Perez for Insomniac Events