President Obama is a music lover, it’s no secret. Now, a photo of the Commander in Chief’s vinyl setup has surfaced, and it looks pretty damn spiffy if I do say so.

According to The Vinyl Factory, the Obamas have Kanto YU5 speakers and Audioengine’s S8 subwoofer, drawing the sweet nectar from their collection of pressed records with a Denon DP-300F player. But of course, leave it to Reddit to find flaws in the President’s setup.

“Who’s going to be the guy to email the president and let him know he shouldn’t have the speakers and subwoofer sitting on the same table as his record player.” – FenderProcrastinator 

Unfortunately, it also seems that the music afficianados on /r/Audiophile have some pretty strong opinions about the setup.


H/T: Pitchfork, The Vinyl Factory, CoS