The video for Marshmello’s newest track with Wrabel, “Ritual,” was uploaded about a week ago and immediately saw responses from fans about a cameo of a certain mau5 in the final scenes. Amidst pressure from Joel, the scene was removed from the video and reuploaded with a more innocuous one.

Some lines must have been crossed between Marshmello’s, Deadmau5’s and Wrabel’s team, however, as the singer posted the cameo scene yesterday on Twitter, stating that he was “so proud to be a part of this.”

Another user responded, question why Wrabel chose these specific 20 seconds of the video to showcase what he was proud of, and Deadmau5 somehow found it and levied his own opinion on the matter.

He ended it there, though his opinions on Marshmello and Skrillex are already pretty widely known and accepted.

Deadmau5’s new album W:/2016ALBUM/ comes out December 2.


Image via Rukes