There’s been this feeling for the past few years that an imaginary naysayer has been plotting for the demise of EDM for quite some time. This person says things like “EDM is dead” and won’t listen to reason. Perhaps with the goal of uniting the community with a common enemy, this naysayer has become enemy #1 to the community and to DJs all over the world (not to mention booking agents whose livelihood depends on the genre’s popularity). For Kaskade, there’s no doubt that the industry is looking stronger than ever.

In May, Kaskade became the first DJ to perform at the Los Angeles Convention Center – and he sold it out. “I’m like, ‘25,000 tickets later, I think we’re OK,'” he said while brushing imaginary dust from his shoulder.

Kaskade will be joining the roster of artists on the Hakkasan Group in December, starting with a performance at Omnia Nightclub on December 30. He will also perform at the company’s other Vegas venues, including Jewel, Wet Republic and Hakkasan Nightclub. More than anything, he’s impressed with the level of production that has continued to skyrocket ever since the creation of the disco ball.

“It’s just really unbelievable how far the experience has gone from just like a disco ball and like a laser to this massive, all-encompassing experience at these world-class venues.”

Not even just nightclubs, Kaskade notably garnered one of, if not the largest crowd in Coachella history back in 2015 when he performed on the main stage. EDM is dead? Pfft, get over yourself.



Featured image via Mark Owens Photo