Following the tragic events at Time Warp Festival in Argentina earlier this year, EDM events across the nation were cancelled as the government announced a ban on large-scale events. One of the shows that were cancelled was an upcoming performance by Kraftwerk at Luna Park Stadium at the end of the month.

Now, it seems that that decision has been reversed by a local judge following an appeal lodged by the show’s promoters, Move Concerts, who argued that Kraftwerk drew an adult audience and was ‘not a so-called electronic music party’ setting it apart from the rest of the mainstream raves.

The specific language of the original ban has been called into question recently by the man who oversaw the original court case, Judge Lisandro Fastman, who believes that they should soften the language of the ruling to allow for cases like this one. The Kraftwerk concert was originally cancelled because they ‘use synthesisers or samples as their primary instrument’. While a key component of a bannable festival or outdoor music event, you can also see how the vagueness of that language could extend far beyond traditional EDM.