Alesso is quickly becoming even more of a star in the EDM world as the genre continues to globalize. We’re now getting major EDM festivals that began in the US moving to Asian countries like India, China, Japan and more – and artists are following the trend. Alesso has already worked with Chinese and Korean vocalists in the past couple months, and in a recent interview at the inaugural EDC India he expressed interest in working with Indian artists, as well.

“For me, it is a challenge to do more unexpected things in a way that it also makes sense,” he said. “If I keep coming back here, I feel like, why wouldn’t I give it a go and try to collaborate with Indian artistes? I think [Indian] people are passionate about the music. People know the songs. It doesn’t have to be a huge song for people to know. I think the market is growing. It is becoming bigger”

Alesso isn’t the first artist to look at the Indian subcontinent as a place of inspiration; Diplo has notably visited the area multiple times both with Major Lazer and solo, and finds it ripe with opportunity. Many other festival brands have also started looking toward India as they grow their business.

As EDM in the US and UK hits a fever pitch and reaches saturation, emerging markets in China and India could be the next frontier in electronic music.


via Business Standard | Image via Oh Dag Yo Photography