18-year-old producer Steve James has just come out with his latest single, this time in the form of a soaring future bass remix of vocalist Matthew Koma‘s “Kisses Back.” Coming a whole year after the Los Angeles based beat maker co-created the title track behind Justin Bieber’s albumĀ Purpose, the song sees James’ now-iconic, melody-driven approach placed in an entirely new sonic setting. Fleshed out vocals, an unforgettable top line and an engaging percussion section characterize the remix, paying equal amounts tribute and innovation to its foundation.

Beginning with Koma’s ethereal vocals above solemn piano chords, the track quickly swells upwards into a rush of white noise and stuttering kick drums. Suddenly, the song breaks into a high-pitched whirlwind of voice chops, hi hats and pulsating synths. The elements are stripped away, leaving Koma in the spotlight once more, before the energy picks back up and carries into a repeat of the first drop.

Listen to the remix below.


Image: Stevejamesofficial.com