Los Angeles’ thriving dance music scene progresses more and more by the day. With acts like Kayzo pushing his own brand of forward thinking hardstyle and bass hybrid music, the result speaks for itself, seeing the large number of fans identifying with this style of teeming sound. Truly the mark of a new era for bass.

One of the latest singles from Kayzo, “Born Again”, has elicited a huge response from the dance music community, so much so as to commission a remix EP for the track. With trapped out bass remixes from RIOT TEN, KANDY, & YDG, hardstyle remixes from Darren Styles & Gammer, and more bass influenced remixes from Lil Texas, Castor Troy, and  Hoodlit & dialedIn, this compilation of sounds is chock full of acts from all across the electronic music realm putting their own take on the Kayzo favorite. From dubstep, hardstyle, trap, and more, there’s a plethora of fragments of the EDM realm covered in this remix EP. Now available on Doghouse Records!