We’ve got good news for lovers of all things weird and wonky: the next release from Saturate! Records is only one week away. This time around, they’ve put the spotlight on CRIMES!, a Los Angeles native with a knack for making speakers knock. And while we truly want you to hear how wild Autoraw is, you’ll have to settle for an exclusive freebie for now.

To that end, we’re happy to present you with ‘Don’t Call Me’. It may not be on the EP itself, but you can consider it a bonus track of sorts. It’s also an excellent introduction to the multifaceted sound that CRIMES! has developed over the years.  He can do raw and gritty just as well as minimal and melodic, a talent displayed prominently on this tune. It sits at the intersection of what one might call hip-hop inspired halftime, with an undeniable touch of psychedelic flair. Clicks, blips, and subtle vocal samples all mesh together alongside syrupy, thumping bass lines; though there’s quite a few elements at any given point, the arrangement never feels overcrowded or muddy. If you’re into the sounds of Thriftworks or Russ Liquid, you’ll definitely dig ‘Don’t Call Me’.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the full release of Autoraw next week; in the meantime, check out the stream for this track after the jump. If you’re feeling the vibes, don’t hesitate to grab a copy of your own!


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