Back in August, PC Music‘s Danny L Harle teamed up with vocalist Carly Rae Jepsen to release one of the most mainstream pieces of the record label’s work. Despite the label’s notorious tendency for creating extreme and highly stylized pop songs that cross into strange and hypnotic realms, the partnering with Jepsen proved to be a truly fluid and worthwhile endeavor. The track, “Super Natural,” even received an official music video to go along with it, adding an extra layer of meaning and aesthetic to the already drenched song.

This week, however, the song was re-released on Spotify as part of PC Music’s second official compilation. Iconic underground acts like A.G. Cook, Hannah Diamond, Life Sim and easyFun each contributed to the 10-track collection, culminating in a truly diverse and exciting listening experience. Powerful and mysterious ballads, fast-paced dance heaters and everything in between can be found in droves, all while maintaining the unique PC Music vibe that hooked its audience in the first place.

As the electronic dance music and pop spheres entwine even further, it’s collectives like PC Music that are taking the most substantial steps toward the future of the hybrid genre. With big names like Jepsen and Charlie XCX now involving themselves in the label’s releases, it appears more and more likely that they’ll have a significant hand in shaping the direction of the movement as it progresses.

Check out Danny L Harle and Carly Rae Jepsen’s collaboration below, and look further down for the complete compilation.