Grey is undeniably one of the spiciest duo’s in dance music, and their rise to fame has to be one of the luckiest stories we’ve heard, though it’s certainly founded by their skill. Consisting of brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha, Grey got their big break with a cold email to Skrillex, but they didn’t even realize it was him they had messaged.

“Our friend said, ‘If you ever have anything really good, send it here. We had no idea who it was, but decided to send our Jack U remix.”

About two hours later, they received the reply every producer dreams of, “Hook me up with a download link! You got anymore? -Skrillex.”

However, the beginnings of their massive hit, “Starving,” were a bit more planned. Dave Rene, Zedd’s A&R and manager, sent Grey some toplines from Asia Whiteacre, and after selecting their favorite, they presented an arrangement to Zedd. The rest happened rather quickly…

“When we played it for Anton [Zedd], the first thing he said was, ‘This is the song of the summer.’ He said [to Steinfeld], ‘You have to come to the studio right now, I have your next single.’ She was really into it and tracked the vocal that week… We were blown away by how quickly the whole thing happened. Usually things move really slowly in the music business.”

Be on the lookout for more delectable beats from Grey coming soon, they’ve been keeping busy crafting some magic.

“We have another single that we are beyond stoked to share with everyone. Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to say much more than that, but we’re definitely counting down the days.” 

In the meantime, if you’re thirsty for more details on this illustrious duo, check out our featured Into The .Wav with Grey.


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