It’s been five years since Justice’s last album and it feels like they haven’t missed a step.

In the time since Audio, Video, Disco, a lot has changed. Big room rose to dominance and fell in a glorious hellfire. Trap and future bass have become staunchly entrenched genres in the future of electronic music. Festivals have come and gone, and many ravers have started families of their own, but Justice prevails.

In their third studio album, Woman, Justice explores a distinctly more disco, less electro, sound. That isn’t to say that their sound is any less authentic, however, as Woman actually represents an incredible breath of fresh air in 2016, when so much focus is on creating the hardest sounds imaginable.

We’re already familiar with cuts like “Safe And Sound” and “Randy” from before the album’s release, but we have a lot of new material here that is worth mentioning. “Heavy Metal” is one of our new favorites from the album, with a classic sample and an unexpectedly perfect disco progression.

Whatever your preference is in electronic music, it’s worth your time to give Woman a shot. Listen below:

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