“So what brings you to a Porter and Madeon show?”

The guy sitting behind me asked the people next to him. They responded, telling the friendly show-goer how their friend had bought their tickets and they had never seen a live performance from Porter Robinson or Madeon before.

“Well, you’re in for an experience,” he replied.

He was absolutely right. These days there are few venues as special as The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. The massive theatre with a low-set stage brings and intimate feel to less than six thousand seats. It could not have been a better setting for two artists whose fans have a formed an attachment like no other.

Openers, Robotaki and Danger, set the tone for the evening with deep dark bass that was impossible to resist. The drum visuals form Danger brought the crowd intensity to the next level.

As Porter Robinson and Madeon took the stage, I had never seen so many smiles on faces before music had even started. The pure joy and illumination that swept threw the theatre is hard to capture with words. Opening with their latest single, “Shelter”, the crowd sang┬átheir hearts out, followed by endless favorites from both artists.

Known for outstanding visuals, the Shelter Tour left nothing to chance. From the pit to the back row, the energy was consistent. Needless to say, Madison Square Garden was fit for the task.

As the show drew to a close and the stage fell dark after Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye to a World,” a single spotlight fell over a keyboard and microphone. Porter and Madeon then lullabied the sold out theatre with an acoustic version of “Shelter,” only for the stage to light up with the sudden drop of “Language.”

I don’t believe there was a single person in attendance that night that didn’t have instant chills. In a time of such prominent turmoil and hurt in the world, Madeon and Porter Robinson let us forget for a moment. All that existed was music and the people it drew together.

After playing through the final song, both artists addressed the crowd.

“Thank you New York, you were perfect tonight.”


(Photo: Rob Berry)