Now in its fourth year, Mad Decent’s A Very Decent Christmas compilation has come to be something we look forward to with glee. Combining typical EDM sounds with Christmas motifs, the compilations regularly contain some of the most creative endeavors of the year. This year, the compilation includes new music from Major Lazer, 4B, Bad Royale, DIV/IDE and more.

Major Lazer starts things off with with “Christmas Trees,” featuring Jamaican reggae artist Protoje, a track about smoking weed. However, our favorite, just for how ridiculous it came out, is “Gungla The Snowman” by Nonsens. Though we have to admit, “Creepy Christmas” by Aquadrop & Big Fish with KG Man is just incredibly infectious. We just can’t get enough!

Thanksgiving may have only just passed, but we’re already ready for Christmas with this compilation!



Image via DMahoney Photo