UPDATE: Apparently the collaboration will have another player: Jauz. Posted not too long ago, Jauz revealed a list of WIPs, including a collaboration between himself, Diplo and Tinashe.


Diplo has worked with everyone from Madonna to The Weeknd, so at this point listing all of the artists he hasn’t worked with would be more challenging. A collaboration with singer/songwriter Tinashe has been in the cards for a while now and sounds like a pairing that would’ve happened at this point, yet the two still haven’t released a collaborative track.

However, on the heels of her collab with marshmello, a recent Snap taken from Diplo’s Snapchat story hints that the collaboration with Tinashe may finally be coming. Diplo posted a short clip in the studio of Tinashe lying on a couch and giving the camera the proverbial finger. This collaboration may end up differing from the previous hinted collaboration between the singer, Jack Ü, Miguel and Njomza, and it may end up being a track from Tinashe’s long-awaited sophomore studio album Joyride. The collaboration may be a Diplo single as well. The possibilities seem endless!

Check out the Snap from Diplo’s Snapchat below

Photo via Complex