Steve Aoki has just teamed up with Gatorade and Spotify to create a brand new initiative focused on combining music and exercise to “give athletes an extra boost in their workouts to help them stay motivated.” Gatorade Amplify is Spotify’s newest feature, and gives users access to personalized playlists created to suit their specific workout and energy level. They even factor in the intensity and duration of the workout, aligning the tracks and tempos to give users the appropriate amount of motivation when they need it.

Three completely personalized playlists are currently available: High-Intensity Workout, Interval Training, and The Steve Aoki Experience.

The playlists were formed after Spotify and Gatorade analyzed the acoustic and BPM trends most used in popular workout and exercise lists. They will each be refreshed each week, giving users the option to return to them again and again without fear of the list becoming stale.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the project below, and check further down for Steve Aoki’s own playlist for the week.


Source: Routenote | Image: Rukes