Even Spotify acknowledges the ridiculousness of 2016, and their latest ad campaign is testament to all the funkiest findings of their mass expanse of user data.

Highlighting some of the year’s wonkier happenings, Spotify’s internal creative team has opened some hilarious dialogue with their worldwide user base. For example, offering support for someone who played Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” 42 times on Valentine’s Day, or asking a favor of the person who listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack over 5,000 times during the year. Even going so far as to shout out the 1,235 guys who got down to the “Girls’ Night” playlist over the year. Here’s what Spotify’s Chief Marketing Officer had to say about the new campaign.

“That [data] led to the idea of reflecting culture via listener behavior. There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head. For us, data inspires and gives an insight into the emotion that people are expressing.”

Check out some of the ads below, and look out for more genius billboards to come.

spotify-ooh-6 spotify-ooh-2 spotify-ooh-1

H/T: ADweek, Creativity Online