TJH87 has finally released the capstone to their new trilogy. What began with “New Horizons” and “Wait For Us,” has now come to a head with the unapologetic “It’s All Reel.”

Pulling inspiration from dreamscapes and arctic tranquility, TJH87 makes gorgeous use of analog synth work, which they’ve coupled with delicate embellishments to soar over an inviting rhythm pocked with warm percussion. Serenity and energized happiness never sounded so good together, and this extended mix is just what we need to get through the onset of winter.

Stay tuned for the full release on December 2nd via Youth Control, and check below for what TJH87 has to say about the tune and all things real.

“For some time now, there’s been a trend for producers who stay really true to their ‘roots’, in fact so true that they lack almost any creativity to call the music real house, or real trance or whatever…. We use analog gear, and even reel to reels but would never want to be considered #real anything… its all real for f###s sake”