There is something about oldies being remixed into modern sounds that always gets a crowd moving. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or perhaps the refreshing break from the norm, but the merging of musical influences serves up a track that can be enjoyed across a number of age groups.

The Potbellez have now taken on one of the biggest songs of ’50s rock and roll, “Shout” by the Isley brothers. The iconic vocals open the song with the same soulful vibe that made it famous, but The Potbellez give it a smooth electronic twist in the drop that still manages to preserve the track’s original swagger.

With hints of deep house and r&b, The PotBellez’s rendition of “Shout” will bring fans of many genres and generations together which, afterall, is what music is all about.

Check out The Potbellez’s remake of “Shout” on spotify below!