Witnessing the evolution of Krewella has been one of the finer happenings of 2016, and while the Yousaf sisters have trudged through more than their fair share of drama, they’re back on their feet and charging ahead in full-stride.

Their new single, “Team,” is testament to genuine friendship, and pulls heavily from the trending influence of Eastern musical traditions. It’s a pop-friendly record that has massive radio potential, putting a classic Krewella twist on the proven style of DJ Snake and Major Lazer.

The video itself is one of the better executions of a house party themed music video, and supplements the track’s lyrical content wonderfully. The vibe is all about sticking with real friends, dropping any pretense, and just living; even the joyous breakdowns urge listeners to relish the moment with loved ones.

Check out the new Krewella below, and click here to purchase their official “Team” jersey featured in the video.