After being released from the hospital earlier this week, Kanye West already appears to be back to work as usual. In a video posted by hip hop producer Pete Rock, he and West can be seen in a studio supposedly working on West’s newest album, Turbo Grafx 16. What’s more, the two are shown listening to none other than “Snowcone” off of Deadmau5‘s latest album W:/ALBUM2016/.

Coming as one of the album’s most laid back and hip hop-centered tracks, it’s not surprising that “Snowcone” has caught the ear of two of the most prolific hip hop producers in the circuit. Whether or not the video implies that they’ll be sampling the track, let alone calling Deadmau5 himself to come join them in the studio, is yet to be seen.

A collaboration would be difficult to maneuver, however, as the two have yet to publicly make amends for their Twitter battle in March. Regardless, Deadmau5 proved to be enthusiastic about their support, tweeting out a thank-you of sorts to Pete Rock’s Twitter.

Check out the Pete Rock video below, and revisit “Snowcone” in its entirety further down.


H/T: Reddit | Image: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images