In celebration of another successful installment of Chicago’s summertime beachside festival, Mamby on the Beach, the event has officially released its 2016 aftermovie for fans who want to relive the joyful vibes and performances. Featuring sweeping shots of the sandy grounds, pulsating crowd and epic live sets, we’re almost able to forget about the harsh winter setting in. From Chance the Rapper’s epic takeover of Lido’s set, the ever-interesting and engaging side activations, and the fantastic headlining sets by the likes of Atmosphere, Animal Collective and more, the aftermovie comes as the perfect escape as we look forward to next year’s event.

In anticipation of regular on sale, the festival has just unveiled Early Bird presales for attendees who can’t wait any longer to lock down their spot. From Saturday, June 24 to Sunday, June 25, Mamby will return to the sun-soaked Oakwood Beach to bring us a healthy dose of indie, soul, house, hip-hop and more.

For a limited time, prospective attendees can head to Mamby’s site to secure their full-price or layaway early bird passes.

Check out the 2016 aftermovie below, and we’ll see you on the beach next season!


Image: Georgia Modi Photography