It’s finally that time, folks. After 10 months of waiting since the release of Illenium‘s debut album Ashes, the official remix album is now in our sights. Set to debut on Friday, December 16, the compilation will feature 15 remixes from artists all across the production spectrum.

Coming as Your EDM‘s ninth best EDM album of the entire 2016 year, the list of Ashes tracks have effectively become staples in the scene since their release. Now, fans and first-time listeners alike have the chance to hear them in a completely new sonic setting.

For those of us who can’t wait until Friday, however, many of the remix album’s inclusions have already been made available to check out. From Just A Gent to Dabin, and Ryan Exley to Virtu, listen below to get a taste of the complete remix album to follow next week. At the end, you’ll even find a video detailing the production process behind FURY’s own remix of “I’ll Be Your Reason.”


Image: Alex Bruski