When it comes to aggregating data and using those findings to predict the future, streaming services are at the top.

Pandora is one of the internet’s original streaming sensations, and in the second quarter of 2016, 5.66 billion hours of music were streamed through the online radio service. Along with their unprecedented Music Genome Project, the service has some of the most compelling data to predict next year’s trends in music and they’ve just released their Artists to Watch list for 2017. (You can see our own list of 40 artists here.)

Several already well-known electronic artists made the list, amongst numerous pop-leaning acts and a huge resurgence of synth-pop. Below are a couple of our favorite features on the list, and be sure to check out Pandora’s full range of selections here.


Griz doesn’t need an introduction, so here’s some of his music. We’re stoked to see Pandora recognizing our favorite funk ambassador.


The rising Whethan has already caught on to Elohim’s genius, and she’s also made it into our own Artists to Watch list for 2017. Textured synths reign heavy in her productions, and the quality of Elohim’s arrangements are nothing less than gorgeous.


You already know this guy… White head, LED accents, yeah, you know the one. He’s long been a featured artist on our site, and the rest of the world is finally catching on to the jet-puffed maestro. As he continues to make more collaborations with artists like Far East Movement, the masked producer is going to make even more mainstream headway.


It might be hard to stomach at first, but LANY’s arrangements are radio-ready and ripe for the remixing. Sure, they’ve got a boy band air about them, but as Justin Bieber has already demonstrated, good music can come from anywhere.


With their debut album about u coming February 3rd, this Los Angeles-based trio is primed to take over next 2017’s radio waves. They’re described as dark-pop, and the thick layers of synthesized glory overlaid with vocoded harmonies are enough to capture even the most hipster of ears.