Founder of UK festival Glastonbury Michael Eavis told BBC News this week that he is considering moving the location of the nearly 50-year event in 2019 to an area 100 miles away. The festival’s iconic location on Somerset’s Worthy Farm is unable to recover after years of large scale events, leading Eavis to try and give the space a year to breathe in between installments.

“I am arranging one year off, say every fifth year or so, to try and move to a site that’s more suitable. But it would be a huge loss for Somerset if it went there for ever, would it not?”

The new location, he said, will be located about 100 miles away toward “the Midlands.” But the benefits that the annual gathering bring to the town of Somerset are too good to lose, Eavis said. That’s why he doesn’t plan on abandoning the normal location for too long.

“But I’ve found a site about 100 miles [away], up towards the Midlands. We’ve got a wonderful product what we do and we can do it almost anywhere. I love my own farm… I might have to move it eventually. Most [local] people are on side now and it’s a wonderful, wonderful boost for the whole of Somerset and beyond as well. I don’t want to lose it for ever, no way.”

Glastonbury’s 2017 edition will take place from June 21-25, and will be headlined by Radiohead.


Sources: BBC News, | Image: AP