An Indian based furniture startup called Furlenco is about to release the bed to end all beds, but it’s way more than just a place to sleep. Their new “Pod” assembly comes mounted with a 32″ television, 2:1 channel stereo (don’t forget the subwoofer), Bluetooth connectivity, a variety of charging ports, a bookshelf, and even a swagdaddy reading light.

Furlenco is a huge proponent of the rental business model, and for just $44 per month, this setup could be yours. However, the Pod by Furlenco is only available in Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune at this time. It’s probably for the best; judging by the current state of things, America would become little more than an at-home cubicle jungle within a year.

Check out the promo video below, and click here for more details on this savvy furniture manuever.


Source: Tech Crunch