Tragedy struck this week when news of both Carrie Fisher’s and her mother’s, Debbie Reynolds, deaths were reported just one day apart. News spread like wildfire on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, with many posts reaching tens of thousands of people. Many paid their respects, while more still were just simply frustrated with 2016 and the myriad of celebrity deaths that have plagued the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, Gareth Emery and Zedd weren’t as sympathetic to DJs posting about the current event. In a tweet, Emery lamented the proliferation of tweets that are apparently only looking for retweets.

Zedd joined in, saying that many online personalities are just waiting for someone to die so they can post “RIP” and reap the social media engagement.

Honestly, there are probably a lot of DJs that are huge Star Wars fans that were devastated by the news. But for the people whose actions Emery’s tweet applies to, we definitely agree with him. That being said, there had to be someone specific in mind when Emery made the original tweet, we’re just wondering who…


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