Live Nation’s online ticketing service has been accused of scamming on more than one occasion. It wasn’t too long ago that Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of Live Nation, settled on giving out $42 million worth of discount codes in response to a class action lawsuit for over 13 years of inflated ticket prices.

Now, Reddit has unearthed more controversy, this time regarding some fine print underneath the “Privacy Information” section of the checkout process. Apparently, Live Nation has been making a $12.95 subscription to Rolling Stone the default option when purchasing tickets online. Customers must opt out of the offer, else they be enrolled in a subscription they likely have no knowledge of. The offer is veiled as a “Ticket Special Bonus,” which requires customers to mail the confirmation page and an accompanying form to a Rolling Stone Refund account in order to avoid recurring payments.

Additionally, someone claiming to be a Live Nation representative messaged the Redditor who originally uncovered this with a bribe for deleting the post. Live Nation has not made any official comment on the matter, but there are reports of this Rolling Stone subscription scam dating all the way back to 2009. You can read up on the full story, here.


Source: r/music