Snapchat is in for an upgrade. According to new reports, the photo sharing app’s Lenses feature will soon be applicable to more than just faces. Newly imagined Lenses will have augmented reality support that will enable real-world object recognition.

The new and improved Lenses will allow users to overlay virtual images on and objects onto landscapes, environmental elements and objects, and even animations onto different live scenes. The result appears a highly more complex and customizable feature that will serve as a piece of worthy competition to the similar features now found on Facebook and Instagram.

As Mobipicker points out, Lenses will now be able to involve advertisers in ways never before utilized. By recognizing different brand names and logos, the Lenses can open up brand new streams of revenue.

Despite the excitement picking up about the new features, the company’s emerging $25 billion IPO is taking the focus for the time being. When they finally do get rolled out, however, they will likely be available on both the iOS and Android platforms.


Source: Mobipicker