Writer James McLoughlin took to Green Press in late January to offer a solution to his hangover issues in the form of a “charcoal activated” smoothie. By combining actual, ground up charcoal powder with lemon juice and coconut water, James said the concoction works as a perfect replacement for the greasy foods and weed cures that usually populate the “hangover help” searches.

With Super Bowl Sunday coming to a close, it’s likely that many of will be rolling into work tomorrow with a familiar headache and achy muscles. In honor of a new year and our – hopefully – ongoing resolutions about healthier living, the charcoal smoothie might be just the thing to try out in the morning.

Check below for a video instruction guide on creating the smoothie, and read the full recipe further down.

Activated Charcoal Hangover Helper

  • Makes 1 serving
  • Takes a lot of effort when hungover



  • Blend and get it down
  • Good luck today


H/T: Green Press