Just a few days after performing with The Weeknd during this year’s Grammy ceremony, and running a pop-up shop full of exclusive (and expensive) memorabilia and merchandise, you’d expect Daft Punk to take a breather. Think again. While they’re still tight-lipped on a new tour or new music, the French house superstars are once again delving into the merchandise world. This time? More toys!

Prepare your wallets, Daft Punk are once again receiving another toy line, this time from Japanese toy company Medicom Toy. END Clothing‘s Instagram account posted a teaser of the toy line, showcasing a figure of Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in his Human After All-era get-up flashing a peace sign with his fingers. The figure’s finger flexibility suggests the toy line will be the latest of those very posable Japanese action figures, a spiritual successor to the previous¬†Bandai Tamashii Nations action figure line¬†and a direct sequel to Medicom’s previous model figures of the duo. Those figures retailed for $250, so we’d expect another high price tag for these new figures.

It’s a bit questionable why Daft Punk is partnering for yet another toy line, but given the popularity of their pop-up shop with items ranging between $90-$20,000, the demand is clearly there. We’re still anxiously awaiting a new tour from Daft Punk, but for now we’ll have to settle with even more action figures… we guess.

Check out the teaser of the new Daft Punk action figures below:

@medicom_toy x @daftpunk Action Figures — coming soon. #daftpunk #medicom

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