This year’s Grammy Awards were truly a spectacle, and as befitting any event of its magnitude, the afterparties are going to be a serious get-down. Warner Music’s Block Party at Milk Studios was one such after hours event, but even if you’re Ed Sheeran, you would’ve had trouble getting in.

Sheeran just told Ryan Seacrest that he and his girlfriend were turned away at the door when they arrived, due to the venue reaching maximum capacity before their arrival. Yeah, it’s not like Ed Sheeran performed at the Grammys or anything…

“That’s actually happened four years in a row, and that’s not just my label’s afterparty! That’s just afterparties in general. You know what I don’t get? When you walk into those parties…there’s probably like four musicians there and everyone else is just people from L.A. who didn’t go to the Grammys and probably just want a party to go to.”

Still, Sheeran and his ladyfriend managed to find their way into Diplo and Benny Blanco’s Hollywood Hills house party. Listen to the radio show below, and skip to 6:35 for the post-Grammy fiasco.


Source: On Air With Ryan | Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images