Melodic indie producer Covex has been turning heads over the last year with his haunting vocal capabilities and impeccable production prowess. Combining out of this world percussion elements with his musical abilities and sound design knowledge, Covex has created entire worlds bridging the indie songwriter world with dance music that has had the likes of Crywolf, Slow Magic, Haywyre, Big Gigantic and many more in awe. Taking a new direction with his latest release, Covex reimagines “Woods” by one of his favorite artists Bon Iver.

Featuring his vocal rendition of the track, you’ll be slowly lulled away into a starry skied forest full of imagination. Creating an absolutely chilling atmosphere with a combination of bass, bright arps and gorgeous melodies, you’ll be hard pressed to find issue with this latest from the budding production talent. Check out the single here and grab the free download for a limited time!