Prismo has been on fire and shows no signs of being put out. We heard a cover from him of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” to start off 2017 that blew us away. Featuring the voice of Prismo, the cover showed the versatility of the young producer. Continuing on that trend, his newest release “Weakness” also features his own vocals, further demonstrating that this producer has a lot to offer.

Starting out with Prismo’s voice, a piano plays chords that pluck the heart strings. The suspense is built with swelling synths and layered percussive elements. The drop comes in with pulsating synths and a chopped up sample of Prismo’s voice lending the track a beautiful melody. As the track progresses, the beat turns to four on the floor, combining elements of house and future bass. The genre bending track is packed full of emotion and energy, making this track a hit!

Take a listen to the track below: