Producer MAYKE has just released his latest track, this time in the form of a bootleg edit of Flume’s massive 2016 hit, “Wall Fuck.” Nicknamed his “Wall Frick” flip, the song takes the power and sound design of the original and turns it on its head, resulting in an atmosphere with an entirely new strain of energy and beauty.

It begins with distant echoes of the original’s signature vocal edits, creeping steadily forward alongside occasional cymbal hits and percussive knocks. Eventually, the song rises upwards towards the drop, where the vocals are chopped even further and wrapped around the immense kick drum. Future bass ripples and a warm sub bass carry the loops throughout the length of the track, while a consistently satisfying snare brings it home.

Listen to MAYKE’s flip below, and check the link underneath for your free download.

Click here to download the track for free!