In a recent interview on the Dutch Radio show with Coen & Sander, Martin Garrix revealed a lot of information. He spoke briefly about the new developments in his love life, who he wants to collaborate with, making music with Justin Bieber, and what happened to that Ed Sheeran collab we’ve been waiting for.

We first heard a version of the Ed Sheeran collab “Rewind, Repeat It” at Ultra two years ago and another version at Ultra only a year ago. You can listen to the year old one below:

Unfortunately, working out release dates between two major labels is no easy task. When asked about when we can expect the song, Garrix said, “It’s all label issues and a lot of headaches…it was going to be an official track… but the label delayed the track because they wanted to release other tracks from Ed first.” That would be rather frustrating for both artists, which Garrix confirmed when he said, “I didn’t release a radio single for 5-6 months, so then you get annoyed. So I don’t think we’re ever going to release the track.”

It’s a sad day for Martin Garrix fans anticipating the release from the collaborative duo. However, we may still be lucky enough to hear it played out in his sets.


Source: Reddit