When it comes to giving back, it would seem as though there are an inexhaustible amount of places that need our help. So it is heartwarming to see artists these days who use their success for good, and shine a light on some of these causes so direly in need. One artist who has devoted a huge amount of time and energy to many of these projects is 3LAU. Having launched his charity label BLUME as an entirely non-profit, philanthropy based movement, Justin has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for some incredibly worthy charities, and still it would seem his work Is only beginning.

Today marks a momentous occasion for BLUME, as it releases its first non-3LAU track by Kap Slap, “Gone.” With this latest endeavor, Justin has set a goal to raise $30,000 for the ACLU, and the profits from this release will go towards reaching that goal.

Commenting on this process, and where this may lead, Justin remarked :

“With BLUME, we wanted to offer other artists the opportunity to release their records to benefit BLUME-supported philanthropies. Being very involved in A&R for the label, I was looking for extremely unique, yet accessible records. Jared (Kap Slap) and I have a long history together, as we both started our journeys through dance music with mash ups. And when he sent me “Gone” – just to see what I thought- I knew immediately that it was the perfect way to launch signing other artists to BLUME and getting their support for our philanthropic initiatives.” — 3LAU

Today, we are proud to premiere this vibrant, exciting, catchy track, which is sure to zip its way up the charts! With its poppy topline, exuberant melodic progressions, and delightfully distorted synths, “Gone” will have you dancing in your seat and playing on repeat. And remember, this feel-good rhythm will not only have your spirits lifted, it is also contributing to a wonderful cause! Check it out HERE!