Hot off his headlining Ultra Music Festival performance, we’re hearing DJ Snake – “Here Comes The Night” like never before.

As you listen through the 5 tracks they seem to get better, or at least more creative…

The acoustic remix of the song is pretty self-explanatory, it’s simply a stripped down version of the original featuring a piano and vocals from Mr. Hudson. Next up, NGHTMRE gives the track more build, deep horns, and a flavorful drop, filling space with synths and laser beams noises. The next remix eases into it slowly (maybe a little too slowly). But, just when you start wondering, “Where the hell is Crankdat?” the second drop is there to save the day! Junkie Kid gets more inventive with his version, transforming the beat into a hard, pounding rollercoaster of a track. Last but not least, Shockone goes completely ape shit, throwing dubstep elements into an otherwise pretty chill remix pack.

The order in which you listen is almost vital here, as the “Here Comes The Night” remixes go from meh to a-meh-zing!

In case you forgot what the original sounds like, here it is!