The new Martin Garrix single with Brooks is finally here!

“Byte” was teased at Ultra Music Festival and elsewhere and is finally out everywhere today. The song features Garrix’s distinct brand of melodic big room house, and we’re happy to have him back in this realm for a bit before his next big pop hit. The addition of Brooks to the mix has definitely given the track a fuller body and more satisfying progression; even if this is pure main stage music, we can still get down to it.

Martin also released another song today – the acoustic of his hit with Dua Lipa, “Scared To Be Lonely.” If there’s ever been a doubt about Martin’s songwriting ability (note: not production), then this should put a stop to that right quick. With the string accompaniment and Dua Lipa’s bare bones voice, this song is unbelievably beautiful; more than that, the lyrics come out even stronger without the dance production behind it, making it all the more powerful.

Check that out below:


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