What kind of nights are the best? Bass nights.

Tonight, LAXX and Twine touch down in Los Angeles for an epic night of bass at one of the city’s best clubs, Avalon Hollywood. The weekly CONTROL Friday night will be sure to have rib cages rattling and bones breaking as everyone and their mother headbangs to the sounds of the music.

In order to get you in the proper mood, we’ve asked Twine to provide us with a playlist of what he’s digging right now, and it’s sure to get you hyped. Read this short interview with Twine, and find the playlist below.

Tickets for tonight are still available.

Yo man, happy to have you in LA! What’s your process in preparing for a set like?

Going through my music library and checking through my promo emails to make sure I have the best tracks to play for the people. Either that or just eating pizza and watching Netflix. Depends lol.

When you get booked for shows, do you change up your set based on who you’re playing with?

Of course! Nobody wants to hear one song played in 3 different peoples sets at the same show. Thus why I go through my emails and even browse SoundCloud a little before shows.

Is this playlist a pretty good indication of what we’ll be hearing?

Oh, it definitely is. These are all of the recent songs on my radar. Some are just flat out my fav songs of the year so far!

Do you have any new music you’ll be road testing?

YES! FINALLY! and all new unreleased collaborations with some of my fav artists out rn

Where’s your favorite place to eat in LA when you come through?

I HAVE to remind myself to drop by Sushi 101 every time I’m in LA. They’re fucking fuego *flame emoji*